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Supported Trading, Brokerage and Banking Service Providers for data import

At present, you can import Trade Books, Contract Notes and Bank, Brokerage account statements in HTML format, MS Excel format, MS Word format, plain text file formats and pdf formats* from the following Trading, Banking and Brokerage accounts.

It is our endeavour to keep adding support to all the brokerages and bank accounts. You are encouraged to write to us through e-mail at for any brokerage or bank account to be supported. Please send us the file provided by the broker as it is, without any modification or conversion to other formats. (We would like the files provided by the brokers, to be importable as it is, without any conversion, modification.)
HTML Format is the best format from the point of view of accuracy. So if you are saving the webpage, save it as the type html webpage complete. Internet explorer by default saves as .mht type. Do not save in this format. Change the type to html web page complete and save. Also do not save/export as pdf. PDF format is error-prone. Avoid pdf as far as possible. Instead, save as html.


  • Trading Accounts

    1. Acumen Capital Market (Contract Notes),
    2. Aditya Birla Money (Contract Notes),
    3. Adroit Financial Services (Contract Notes),
    4. Ajmera Associates (Contract Notes),
    5. Alankit Assignments (Contract Notes),
    6. Aldan Investments (Contract Notes, Brokerage Ledger Accounts),
    7. Alice Blue Securities (Contract Notes),
    8. Almondz Global Securities (Contract Notes , Brokerage Ledger Accounts),
    9. Amol Capital Markets (Settlement Scrip Summary),
    10. Ambit Securities (Contract Notes , Brokerage Ledger Accounts),
    11. Anagram (Contract Notes),
    12. Anand Rathi (Contract Notes),
    13. Angel Broking (Contract Notes, Brokerage Ledger Accounts),
    14. Anmol Share Broking (Contract Notes),
    15. Anush Shares & Securities  (Contract Notes),
    16. Apollo Sindhoori (Contract Notes),
    17. Arcadia Share and Stock Brokers (Contract Notes),
    18. Arihant Capital (Contract Notes),
    19. ASE Capital Markets (Contract Notes),
    20. Ashika Stock Broking (Contract Notes in html format, Ledger),
    21. Ashlar Securities (Contract Notes in html format and Ledger in Excel format),
    22. ASL Capital Holdings (Contract Notes in pdf format),
    23. Astha Commodities (Contract Notes and Ledger in html format),
    24. Axis Securities (Contract Notes),
    25. B. Lodha Securities (Contract Notes)
    26. Balaji Equities (Contract Notes),
    27. Balance Equity Broking (India) (Contract Notes),
    28. BP Equities (Contract Notes),
    29. BCB Brokerage (Bills),
    30. Bear Bull Global (Contract Notes),
    31. BMA Wealth Creators (Contract Notes in HTML format),
    32. B M Gandhi (Client wise Bill wise Register),
    33. B N Rathi (Contract Notes in PDF format, html format),
    34. Bonanza Portfolio (Contract Notes in HTML format),
    35. BRICS Securities (Contract Note in HTML format),
    36. BSV Securities (Contract Note in HTML format)
    37. Capital First Securities (Contract Note in HTML format)
    38. CD Equisearch (Contract Note in HTML format)
    39. Citigroup Global Markets India (Citi Wealth Advisors) (Password removed Contract Notes in PDF format),
    40. Chona Financial Services (Ledger in HTML format),
    41. Chuknoo Securities (Contract Notes in HTML format),
    42. Cochin Stock Brokers (Contract Notes in PDF format)
    43. Coimbatore Capital (Contract Notes in HTML format),
    44. Composite Investments(Contract Notes in PDF format)
    45. Consortium Securities (Contract Notes in PDF format)
    46. DBFS Securities (Contract Notes in PDF format)
    47. Destimoney Securities (Contract Notes),
    48. Dimensional Securities (Contract Notes),
    49. Doveman Group (Contract Notes),
    50. Dyna Securities (Contract Notes),
    51. Dynamic Equities (Contract Notes),
    52. Edelweiss (Contract Notes),
    53. Emkay (Contract Notes),
    54. Enam Securities Direct (Contract Notes, Ledger),
    55. Eureka Stock & Share Broking, Kolkata (Contract Notes, Ledger. Both PDF format),
    56. Excel Mercantile (Contract Notes, Brokerage Ledger Accounts),
    57. Exclusive Securities, Indore (Contract Notes, Ledgers for Equities and Commodities),
    58. Fairwealth Securities (Contract Notes),
    59. First Futures and Stocks (Contract Notes, Brokerage Ledger Accounts),
    60. First Global Stockbroking (Contract Notes, Brokerage Ledger Accounts),
    61. Fortune Capital Services (Contract Notes in pdf format),
    62. Fortune Equity Brokers (Contract Notes in html format),
    63. Fortune Wealth Management (Contract Notes in html format and the Excel Extract from ODIN for multiple clients of sub brokers),
    64. FRR Shares and Securities (Contract Notes, Brokerage Ledger Accounts),
    65. Future Capital Securities (Contract Notes in html format),
    66. Geojit BNP Paribas (Contract Notes, Brokerage Ledger Accounts),
    67. GEPL Capital (Contract Notes in text format),
    68. Ghalla Bhansali Stock Brokers (Contract Notes),
    69. Globe Capital (Contract Notes),
    70. Great Indian Securities Company (Contract Notes),
    71. Greenbucks Comtrade (Contract Notes),
    72. Greshma Shares & Stocks (Contract Notes)
    73. Gupta Equities (Contract Notes)
    74. HDFC Securities (Contract Notes in HTML format, password removed PDF format; Client Sauda Register(Can be single file for the whole year)),
    75. Hem Finlease (Bills - Single file for range of dates with .xls extension but internally html structure),
    76. Hemendra Shah (Contract Notes)
    77. HSBC Invest Direct (Only Contract Register in MS Excel format provided by the broker/sub-broker. Can be single file for the whole year),
    78. ICICI Direct (Trade Book in Html; Contract Notes in Html, PDF; Excecise of Options),
    79. IDBI Capital Market (Contract Notes in Html),
    80. IFCI Financial Services (Contract Notes in HTML format),
    81. India Advantage (Contract Notes),
    82. India Bulls (Contract Notes in html format, password removed PDF format),
    83. India Capital Markets (Contract Notes, Brokerage Ledger Accounts),
    84. India Infoline (Contract Notes, Brokerage Ledger Accounts),
    85. Indo Thai Securities (Contract Notes),
    86. Integrated Master Securities, New Delhi (Contract Notes),
    87. Integrated Securities (Contract Notes, Brokerage Ledger),
    88. Interactive Brokers (Contract Notes),
    89. Inventure Growth (Contract Notes),
    90. Investrade Securities, New Delhi (Contract Notes),
    91. ISE SECURITIES & SERVICES (Contract Notes, Brokerage Ledger Accounts),
    92. ITI Financial Services(Contract Notes inf PDF format),
    93. Jainam Share Consultants (Contract Notes),
    94. Jhaveri Securities (Contract Notes),
    95. JM Financial Services (Trade Confirmation Report (EQUITY) in html format)
    96. Joindre Capital Services (Contract Notes),
    97. JRG Securities (Contract Notes),
    98. Kalpataru Multiplier (Contract Notes),
    99. Kantilal Chhaganlal (Contract Notes, Ledger),
    100. Karvy Stock Broking (Contract Notes),
    101. K. M. Jain Stock Brokers (Contract Notes, Brokerage Ledger Accounts),
    102. Kotak Securities (Contract Notes in html or plain text format (multi date), Ledger),
    103. Kunvarji Finstock (Contract Notes, Brokerage Ledger Accounts),
    104. LABDHI LFC Securities (Contract Notes),
    105. LKB Capital Market (Contract Notes),
    106. LKP Securities (Contract Notes),
    107. Magnum Equity Broking (Contract Notes, Ledger),
    108. Mangal Keshav (Contract Notes),
    109. Mansukh Securities & Finance (Contract Notes in Html, Brokerage Ledger in MS Excel),
    110. Monarch Research & Brokerage (Contract Notes in Html format),
    111. Master Capital Services(Contract Notes in Html format)
    112. Market Creators(Contract Notes in Html format)
    113. Marwadi Shares and Finance (Contract Notes in Html, Brokerage Ledger in html or plain text),
    114. Merfin India, Hyderabad (Party Ledger),
    115. MF Global Sify Securities,
    116. Microsec Capital (Partywise Summarised Vallan statement in pdf format for Trade transactions; Brokerage ledger in excel format),
    117. Motilal Oswal (Contract Notes),
    118. MSE Financial (Contract Notes)
    119. Muthoot Securities (Contract Notes)
    120. Natverlal & Sons (Contract Notes)
    121. Navia Markets (Contract Note in Html format),
    122. Navratan Capital (Sauda Register),
    123. NDA Securities (Contract Note in Html format),
    124. Nirmal Bang (Contract Note in Html format),
    125. OTCEI Securities (Contract Notes in html format),
    126. Pace Stock Broking Services
    127. Padmakshi Financial Services
    128. Pankaj Mangaldas Securities(Contract Note in Html format)
    129. Paterson Securities(Client Statement of Accounts - Contract Cash in plain text format)
    130. PDJ Securities (Contract note in html format or the annual statement in csv text format)
    131. Phillip Capital (Contract note in html format)
    132. PPJ Shroff Securities (Contract note in html format)
    133. Prabhudas Lilladher(Contract notes in pdf format)
    134. Pragya Securities (Contract Notes),
    135. Procon Advisory Services (Contract Notes),
    136. Progressive (Contract Notes),
    137. PSB Securities (Contract Notes),
    138. PSE Securities (Contract Notes),
    139. P. Suryakant Share & Stock Brokers (Contract Notes),
    140. Quant Securities (Contract Notes),
    141. Rathi & Shah, Pune (Contract Notes),
    142. Regency Stock Broking Kolkata (Contract Notes),
    143. Reliable Stocks & Shares, Chennai (Contract Notes),
    144. Reliance Securities (Contract Notes, Brokerage Ledger Accounts),
    145. Religare (Contract Notes & Bills, Ledger)
    146. R K Global (Contract Notes),
    147. RKSV Securities (Contract Notes),
    148. Roongta Rising Stock (Contract Notes),
    149. Saffron Global Markets (Contract Notes, Brokerage Ledger Accounts),
    150. Sajag Securities (Contract Notes),
    151. SBICAP Securities (Contract Notes),
    152. ShareKhan (Contract Notes, Brokerage Ledger Accounts),
    153. SHCIL Services (Contract Notes),
    154. Shreyas Stocks (Contract Notes)
    155. Shri Parasram Holdings (Contract Notes in html format and Ledger in Excel format),
    156. Shriram Insight (Contract Notes, Brokerage Ledger Accounts),
    157. SKSE Securities, Rajkot (Contract Notes)
    158. SMC Global Securities (Contract Notes)
    159. South Asian Stocks (Contract Notes)
    160. SPA Securities (Contract Notes, Brokerage Ledger Accounts),
    161. SSJ Finance (Contract Notes, Brokerage Ledger Accounts),
    162. Standard Chartered Securities (Contract Notes)
    163. Star Finvest (Contract Notes)
    164. Stock Plus Broking & Advisory Services (Contract Notes)
    165. Sugal & Damani Share Brokers (Contract Notes & Bills, Ledger),
    166. Sumpoorna Portfolio (Contract Notes),
    167. Sunteck Wealthmax (Contract Notes)
    168. Sushil Finance (Contract Notes)
    169. SVS Securities (Contract Notes in text format)
    170. Swastika Investmart (Contract Notes)
    171. Sykes & Ray Equities (Contract Notes)
    172. Systematix (Contract Notes)
    173. Tata Securities (Contract Notes in Html format)
    174. Trade Bulls Securities (Contract Notes in Html format)
    175. Unicon (Contract Notes)
    176. Unique Stock Bro
    177. Vajani Securities (Contract Notes)
    178. Vardhaman Capital (Contract Notes)
    179. Vasanti Share Brokers (Contract Notes)
    180. Ventura Securities (Confirmation List in plain text format),
    181. Vishesh Capital (Bills)
    182. VSE Stock Services (Contract Notes)
    183. Way2Wealth (Contract Notes)
    184. Wealth Mantra (Contract Notes)
    185. Wellworth Share and Stock Broking (Contract Notes)
    186. Yoha Securities (Contract Notes in PDF format)
    187. Zen Securities (Contract Notes in PDF format)
    188. Zerodha (Contract Notes in Excel format)

  • Banking Accounts
    You can import bank statements from Axis Bank, Bank of India, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Karnataka Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank,  State Bank of India , Union Bank of India and Vijaya Bank into Direct Shares software

If you have any other bank, we would like to add support.  

Whenever more account types are added, or updates are done, they would be available to all existing customers free of cost. 

* Note: DirectShares supports importing the Contract notes, trade books and ledger in the usual format provided by the Brokers/Banks. It could be plain text, html, excel, word or PDF. If they provide as a compressed .zip file, you need to unzip and extract to a regular folder and use the file from the new folder for import. You can also get/prepare the data in the Direct Shares specified Excel file format (.xls) and import.

The names of brokers have been included in the supported accounts list in our website, after we tested the contract notes (the usual formats provided by them). The supported format is the format provided by the broker. The file is not to be created/modified/converted by the user. It must be the file given by the broker. Regarding pdf: Password protected pdf files can not be imported directly. You need to use a program like simpo pdf password remover and remove the password and save; such password removed files can be used for import; some pdf files like HSBC Invest Direct, Brics securities with special fonts can not be imported. In case of ICICIDirect, the contract note sent to your emailid is password protected pdf, But you can download the contract note from their website in pdf format without password. Such file can be imported directly in Direct Shares software As a General rule, You download Direct Shares software, install and test importing your file. In case, it does not work, send the file to and get update/clarification