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Direct Shares

Accounting for Share trading transactions and filing Income Tax return was not easy till now. You had to enter all the data manually and then Compute Capital gains matching your buy and sell trades in FIFO (First In First Out basis). You also had to manually determine the value of closing stock in hand at cost, market value. Then make entries to tally the accounts.

NOW, ALL THAT IS HISTORY. DirectShares software takes care of accounting for your share transactions. Just import your Contract notes / Trade Book. Your Accounting is done.  Your Capital gains statement (Long term, Short term, Intraday, F&O all segregated) is ready instantly. It is that easy and quick. If you have backlog of accounting to be done, then DirectShares will make you uptodate really quick and accurate, easily. 

Direct Shares is an Accounting and Analysis tool for your share trading. Direct Shares takes care of your regular financial accounting also. You can import your bank statement and brokerage ledger also. Once done, the trades would be compared with the ledger, settlement wise and discrepancies listed out. This would help you tally trades with bank/brokerage ledger.

There are many reports for Share trading such as, Account wise Trade summary, stock wise trade summary, closing stock statement, breakup of closing stock, trade details, gains details, monthwise, daywise gains realised summary and details, Day wise chart of unrealised gains, market value of your portfolio. Separate set of reports for Investment stocks and for Business stocks. Reports for Income Tax.

Using Direct Shares, you will have your regular Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss statement, Trading Account (Investment stocks & business stocks separately), apart from Cash Book, Bank Book, Journal, Ledger and Trial Balance.

Your Networth split into your investments in Stocks, Property, Vehicles, Gold etc., can be maintained and updated with revision of value at appropriate times. This will help you see the allocation to each asset class as a percentage to total.

It also has Stock Analysis, Reminders and contacts database.

You can also export and send data to your Accountant / Auditor.

Built on the powerful Oracle Database, Direct Shares software assists you in maintaining stock trading, investment portfolio, banking, brokerage transactions and financial accounts in your personal computer. You can keep the data of many number of years, for many number of clients accounts, in the system. The information stays with you personally in your own PC for long time.

Give rest to your fingers. The Trading, Banking transactions get into the system without the painful data entry. You just have to download the transaction data files from your online account and import them into Direct Shares.

Come. Change over to Direct Shares. Choose the easy option to compute capital gains, tally the bank account with the trade account, Compute capital / trading gains for Income Tax purposes, prepare statements of Dividends & Bank Interest, etc., and to monitor the daily changes in the accumulated gains and value of your investments.

Welcome to the World of Direct Shares

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  38. CD Equisearch
  39. Citigroup Global Markets India (Citi Wealth Advisors)
  40. Chona Financial Services
  41. Cochin Stock Brokers
  42. Coimbatore Capital
  43. Composite Investments
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  55. Excel Mercantile,
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  68. Globe Capital
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